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SAM 3 Professional Digital Plus Kit


The professional version of the SAM 3 articulator is included in this kit. This articulator features the highest accuracy for dental workflow. With the micro-adjustable incisal pin and the adjustable incisal table, it is possible to simulate any patient situation. Protrusion/retrusion screws are included in the condylar houses. With the screws it is possible to adjust the protrusion continuously between 0 – 6 mm and the retrusion 0 – 2 mm. The flexibility of each part has been designed with the complexity of the human temporomandibular joint in mind. Through the years of development work of SAM, a device was created to makes every wish possible.


What is also included, is the AxioPrisa Kit with the AxioQuick transfer box and the AxioPrisa transfer assembly. The AxioQuick transfer bow can be used to transfer the axe-orbital plane from the patient to the situation in the articulator. Enhanced with the AxioPrisa, this is the best way to complete the digital workflow. The transfer fork assembly has a scalable pattern to create usable scans for CAD software. With this concept, another scan is needed to transfer the correct maxillary position into the digital format.

Disposable Axiojigs make disinfection easy and simple. The yellow plastic Axiojigs are body-friendly and are controlled according to EU and FDA standards. Axiojigs are the connection between patient and transfer bow and are fixed in the upper jaw with a small piece of bite registration material. This ensures a perfect fit on incisal teeth during the scanning process.

The AxioPrisa software integrates the patient plane directly into the scan files. This allows digital work to be constructed in the natural position. With the Axioprisa software it is possible to transfer all scans into finished STL files. This file format guarantees that all CAD programs can use the adapted scans. In this way, the digital process is completed in digital steps.


The concept of AxioSnapMount is to use 3D printed models in SAM articulators. The patient plane scanned with the AxioPrisa system is printed directly into the base of the 3D-printed models. This allows working without the risk of losing the correct maxillary position. The printed models are mounted on spacer blocks, which replace the plaster. The spacer blocks can be fixed with the SAM screw system or the MPS magnet system. On the top side there is a recess for fixing normal or strong magnetic pot with a screw. With magnetic mounting it is possible to mount printed models with ASM mounting plates. The mounting plates are available in four different heights and are connecting  directly into the models. This ensures the long-term stability of the models and an integrated metal plate makes it easy to swap.

This kit consists of eight spacer blocks in different heights. Due to the flexibility of the concept, it is possible to print all models saving time and material. In combination with the different heights of the SAM mounting plates, it is possible to minimize the print height in 2.5 mm steps. The ASM display is a great way to keep the spacer blocks safe and clean. It is made of aluminum to use for a long time and is easy to clean.


The AxioPrisa and AxioSnapMount programs are also included. A few steps are all it takes to complete the entire digital workflow. The licenses of the softwares are valid for two years.


Consists of:
SAM® 3 Artikulator Professional
with MPS system, adjustable incisal pin and adjustable incisal table. AxioPrisa Windows Kit with AxioQuick transfer bow and AxioPrisa transfer assembly.

1 x ATB 303 – transfer bow AxioQuick
1 x ATB 394 – Nasion relator AX-S
1 x AXP 100 – Axioprisa transfer assembly
100 x Axiojig single use transfer forks
240 x blue positioning earpiece capsAxioSnapMount Windows Kit

4 x UPPER JAW Spacer blocks
per 1 x ASM 225 / ASM 235 / ASM 245 / ASM 255
4 x LOWER JAW Spacer blocks
per 1 x ASM 315 / ASM 325 / ASM 335 / ASM 345
8 x ASP 580 – Magnets N
1x ASM 210 – SAM Spacer block XSS
1x ART 113 – Mounting plate thumb screw assembly for ASM 210
1 x ASM 103 – ASM Display
5x ASM 125 – AxioSnapMount mountin plates (5x) 4×20
Each 20 Mounting plates in different heights (+0,0mm, +2,5mm, +5,0mm, +7,5mm)


AxioPrisa 24 months license for Windows.
You can download the AxioPrisa software here.

AxioSnapmount 24 months license for Windows.
You can download the AxioSnapMount software here.


This kit includes a discount of 7.5%.


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This kit contains everything you need for the entire digital workflow.
The kit has been put together to cover all the specific needs of the dental industry.

It contains:
AxioPrisa, the digital transfer assembly.
AxioSnapmount, the plasterless model mounting system.
AxioQuick, the traditional transfer bow.
SAM3 articulator in the Professional Edition.

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