Introducing AxioPrisa – the digital transferfork
assembly for intaroral scanners

The SMART way
to transfer the correct anatomical position into the digital articulator without CBCT or lab-scanner

the missing link!

See the red dot awarded new product for
the digital dental workflow.
Our solution for an “old problem”.

The passion of correct anatomical positioning begins here!
Uncomplicated, inexpensive, easy, fast and reliable!


No big new investments for transferring the proper anatomical maxillary relationship
of the patient into the digital articulator and the CAD/CAM software.

Use anatomic
transfer bow

Familiar procedure and handling
of facebow since university for
anatomical position transfer.

Just one
more step

Add a second upper scan to your
scanning procedure and complete
the workflow without expensive
additional instruments.

Fast, easy and

Our workflow is self-explaining.
All analogue and digital steps are
logical and can be followed intuitively.

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For all who want to start and complete the digital workflow by using the intra oral scanner.
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Axioprisa Starter Set

Scannable transfer assembly for the SAM AxioQuick transfer bow with 20 AxioJigs for single use.


Axioprisa Windows Kit

Set with the SAM AxioQuick transfer bow, the scannable adapter with 20 AxioJigs for single use and the License.


Axiojig transfer fork left hand version

AxioPrisa left hand verion
Scannable transfer assembly for the SAM AxioQuick transfer bow.

REF: AXP 821.124

Axioprisa Windows license

The AxioPrisa software integrates the patient plane directly into the scan files. This allows digital work to be constructed in the natural position.


Axioprisa Kit

Set with the SAM AxioQuick transfer bow, the scannable adapter with 20 AxioJigs for single use, 40 positioning earpiece caps.


Axiojig transfer fork

Big pack with 100 yellow AxioJigs.
5 single packs of each 20 pcs.
The Axiojigs are controlled according to CE and FDA standards.

Mount you printed models easy and relaxed with the AxioSnapmount System.

Explore the system for SAM and Artex Carbon Articulators now.

Get your AXP now!

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Start saving time and money asap by integrating AxioPrisa into your digital workflow.
AXP-adapters for various facebow brands are in progress.

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First users and key opinion leaders tested the product. Find here their comments,
remarks and suggestions.

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I am one of the first users of axioprisa and we use it every day in my clinic. It saves me a lot of time and even improved my work. Also my technician loves it, as the digital workflow is now completed.

Prof. Dr. Sergey Chikunov Moscow, Russia


I scan the maxillary position faster than I made my analogue transfer. And it is so easy. My lab technician uses the software and imports the files directly into our CAD/CAM software. This was a huge step forward.

Dr. Nenad Milinkovic (Serbia)


It started 2013 with an idea and now it is ready made. I love it. No more sending of transferfork assemblies to the lab - just my digital files. Saves so much money and time. This solution closes a very important missing gap in the full digital workflow.

Dr. Jan Hajto (Germany)


Great tool. I save more than 30 minutes as I don't need to pour models and lab scan them. During the night, I print my models in mounted position after using axiosnapmount, the digital mounting software. Great combination.

Dr. Tadas Korzinskas (Lithuania)


Axioprisa filled the gap of the digital workflow which was often required by our customers. We work on a fully integration into our software for an easy and faster workflow.

Rune Fisker (VP 3shape)


The axioprisa is an absolutely necessary product in the digital workflow and should be mandatory for every user of an intraoral scanner and articulator. It is the "missing link" in the combination of scans with a real or virtual articulator and is therefore a big step forward in digital dentistry. Excellent simple and self-explanatory software.

Dr. Seeher (Dental Team Seeher)

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